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Fore Street's menu changes every day to allow our kitchen team to create menus from the freshest foods available, regardless of the season. Most of our raw foods are grown by farmers we know, in communities all around Maine.

Several items are always on the menu. Among these, our wood-oven roasted mussels, turnspit-roasted pork loin and chicken, and our grilled marinated hanger steak have become favorites among many guests who join us several times a month.

Winter and summer, our farmers, foragers, and fishmongers bring us their best foods. In winter months, divers deliver hand-harvested scallops to our back door. In summer, island-raised lamb appears on the menu. In every season local farmers bring us organic vegetables, salads, and herbs. Guests may observe many of these foods through the windows of the produce room near our entrance.

Our team works to combine these great foods in simple and respectful preparations, to season and cook them perfectly over live wood fires. The objective of all our skill is to reveal the exceptional quality of these Maine foods, and never to mask them with needless complexity or clashing tastes.

The full dinner menu is also available at our bar.  A special menu is available in our lounge area.